Big Train's Backyard

Just before the All-Star break, rumors start that veteran 3rd Baseman, Alex Santucci, may be traded to his hometown team.

A Baseball Novel

Alex Santucci is a 14-year veteran, former All Star 3rd baseman for the Kansas City Crowns.  The Slugger has spent his entire Baseball career playing in the Midwest and is in the last year of a 6-year, $55 million contract.  Just before the All-Star break, rumors start about Alex being traded to the Washington Presidents after their Superstar infielder Bruce Hammersly goes down with an injury.  Alex grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC, and lived on Johnsons Avenue, a couple of Backyards from the house of his baseball idol, Walter Johnson, "The Big Train".


His emotional world changes with love and other suprises to follow, when his team doctor introduces a new pain medication.  Physically, Alex finds his power stroke and becomes Baseball's hottest hitter.  As the trade deadline approaches, the young KC Crowns are surging towards first place.  Crowns owner Larry Garson, who treats Alex as a son he never had, resfuses to consider trading him and his big contract.  Will Alex's future be now in Kansas City or will his destiny be fulfilled in "Big Trains Backyard" of Washington DC!